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About Breathofair
Welcome to breathofair.
This site is about :-
Aaron Hockaday
Site Owner & Creator

The Breath of air story

The reason this site is called breathofair is that it is about me, my name is Aaron and many people call me air. The different sections of the site reflect different interests i have.

This site started out as hobby, in some ways I think if it wasn't for my Haemophilia I wouldn't be doing web design and 3D Imagery, because when the other kids where out playing sport I was on the computer.

I was introduced to web design in 1996, when I started looking at HTML. My first web page was a orange background with lots of pictures and a link. After a while I learnt a lot about HTML and found it quite simple and easy to use. In 1998 I came across ASP, and found some free ASP applications whilst I was looking for a forum for my web site. I came across an ASP web site called had a free high quality forum and well documented code. With help from web wiz guides and trying out diffent things I soon got the hang of ASP.

After a while I had learnt enough about ASP to redo the whole site. Whilst I was redesigning the site I decided to make a few of my own ASP applications. The new site design included an ASP section, with FAQ's and Tutorials. I included the new ASP applications I had made and released them as FREE ASP applications.

I am currently looking for new ideas that I can make into ASP applications, as well as ideas for the breathofair web site. If you have any ideas or suggestions please send them to

Thank you for taking the time to read the story about me (Aaron Hockaday) and the web site. Please visit again and enjoy the FREE ASP applications and community provided. And of course tell your friends about Breathofair.

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